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All sales deal once done, will not be refunded in any case, as the site offers a free trial for two days evaluation to make the assurance that the services or product will meet the requirement without need of the purchase, the site does not offer any refund and cancellations policy. Before opting for the subscription to the services, please be assured of our service with our free trial of 1-2 days. We also do not offer refunds on the subscriptions.

Policy: All sales deal once done, will not be refunded in any case. Because Silicon Cabs offers a free 1-2 days evaluation to ensure that our products and services will meet your needs without the need to purchase, there will be NO REFUNDS and CANCELLATIONS.

Before deciding to subscribe to our services, please make sure to take our 1-2 days free trial, the evaluation version that we provide. We do not offer refunds on subscriptions that have already been taken.

We do believe in our services and support and even give 1-2 days free trial that, without any exception, we have NO REFUND POLICY. Full risk of trading/loss/opportunity profit will be bear by the customer/trader. In case of loss or any circumstances, Silicon Cabs will not take any responsibility for the losses incurred by customers. Although Silicon Cabs will provide full support through our guidance at the time of loss. All trades will be subjected to market risk.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that before payment, our visitors:

Read all the information about our products, services, and support given to our clients.
Evaluate the quality of our services by taking our 1-2 days of the free trial.
Read all the information provided on the website.

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